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IPE 21 x 145mm Smooth 2 sides - 1st Grade
£18.60 metre (inc VAT)

IPE 21 x 145mm Smooth 2 sides - 1st Grade
from: £18.60 metre (inc VAT)

Profile – machined smooth 2 sides, slightly rounded corners. IPE – The Rolls Royce of hardwood decking, extremely durable & hardwearing. Often specified by high end architects, widely used for commercial projects & luxury properties.

Profile IPE 21 x 145mm Smooth 2 sides - 1st Grade

If you are looking for the ultimate hardwood decking you are in the right place. IPE is nicknamed Ironwood and is well regarded as the most durable hardwood decking you can buy.

Beautiful deep brown in appearance with tinges of greeny/yellow this product oozes class and quality. There is no beating real timber for varied colour and beautiful grain to get the full effect apply an oil for stunning results.

Sourced from South America we scrutinise our suppliers to ensure all stocks come from legal origins and are EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation) complaint.

Through our years of experience we know the best mills who offer a more consistent and lower level of defect product we are confident our stocks will be amongst the best available in the UK.

This timber is literally as hard as iron and does not mark even when struck with a heavy weight. Class D70 strength rating, and lifespan of 50+ years.

Due to our bulk stocking policy we generally have a full spread of lengths enabling you to order with minimum waste. We recommend a contingency of +10% be added to your order to cover waste and natural defects.

For best results we recommend using experienced landscapers to install your decking but as a rule of thumb the following are our recommended installation tips;-

  • Frame centres – 400mm > 500mm
  • Frame to run perpendicular to the decking
  • Frame to be well ventilated and good drainage
  • Decking boards be fixed to every joist with decking screws about 15mm > 20mm from both outside edges
  • We highly recommend Spax step drill for perfect pilot hole and counter sink followed by, Spax Stainless steel 5.0 x 60mm specialist decking screws. We are UK largest sellers of Spax Stainless decking screws and can offer very competitive prices.

Finishing your decking using trade standard Osmo products which can be sourced through us.

  • Leave decking unfinished for 12 months to allow the wood to settle and natural oil to dissipate. The natural weathering process in this time will remove millglaze and allow the timber to take on an oil.
  • During the settling period the timber is likely to silver due to exposure to sunlight. Wet the timber and whilst wet work in Osmo Wood Reviver Gel using the Osmo cleaning brush. The timber must remain wet to activate the cleaner and be worked into the surface for best results. Leave the gel on for approx. 30 minutes then wash off with plenty of water.
  • Leave the decking to dry at least 24 hours
  • Apply Osmo 006 Bangkirai Decking Oil or if you desire a darker appearance Osmo Bog Oak Decking Oil. Either options requires two coats and 12 hours drying time between each application.
  • For best practice and presuming the decking gets plenty of sun through the summer we recommend oiling in the Spring and again in Autumn. Should the deck be shaded for part of the day then oiling may only be required once every 12 – 18 months.
  • Note should the deck become grey then repeat the application of Wood reviver Gel before oiling.
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£15.50 metre
£18.60 (inc VAT)
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our tip For full effect, apply an oil after 12 months for stunning results
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